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Obstinate photos!

  Non ce l’avete ancora? male! [email protected]

Obstinate sermons trailer

The return of Johnny Mox, soon on your turntables! Trailer:

life ruined my records!

It’s out! [email protected]

Squieti – Impronte nella cenere out noooooowwww!

  Direttamente da Bari, da ex menti di gruppi come Atestabassa e Minus Tree, arrivano gli Squieti, con un gran post hardcore intriso di screamo e post rock. Un disco imperdibile! a 8 neuri: [email protected] Impronte Nella Cenere by Squieti

No Confidence vinyls ready!

get them! green or black vinyl, 10€ [email protected]

No Confidence full streaming!

Listen and love it! Vinyls coming soon! go!

No Confidence records are coming!

get them, or die! [email protected]

Antares. Sloth. Fuckyeah!

Oh Yeah!

Antares?!? Antares!

Big news! The stagebreakers Antares will come with a brand new powerful LP of hard and heavy rocknroll with punk and metal influences. Sloth is it’s name. And we’re gonna release it with Rancore Records! Listen a preview, and don’t forget the children!  

Attrito – L’Attimo del Dubbio streaming!

exactly! listen to it! vinyls / cds / download coming very sooon! L'Attimo del Dubbio by Attrito