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Obstinate sermons trailer

The return of Johnny Mox, soon on your turntables! Trailer:

life ruined my records!

It’s out!

Squieti – Impronte nella cenere out noooooowwww!

  Direttamente da Bari, da ex menti di gruppi come Atestabassa e Minus Tree, arrivano gli Squieti, con un gran post hardcore intriso di screamo e post rock. Un disco imperdibile! a 8 neuri: Impronte Nella Cenere by Squieti

No Confidence vinyls ready!

get them! green or black vinyl, 10€

No Confidence full streaming!

Listen and love it! Vinyls coming soon! go!

No Confidence records are coming!

get them, or die!

Antares. Sloth. Fuckyeah!

Oh Yeah!

Antares?!? Antares!

Big news! The stagebreakers Antares will come with a brand new powerful LP of hard and heavy rocknroll with punk and metal influences. Sloth is it’s name. And we’re gonna release it with Rancore Records! Listen a preview, and don’t forget the children!  

Attrito – L’Attimo del Dubbio streaming!

exactly! listen to it! vinyls / cds / download coming very sooon! L'Attimo del Dubbio by Attrito

Attrito – “L’attimo del dubbio” LP preview

Enjoy it! “Non dormirò”, from “L’attimo del dubbio” LP out on february 2014 label? interested? etichetta? interessata?