0hype vol.01

We started this split series, just unpublished records from the past that will share few tapes.

First issue: Sproloquio vs. Thee Loyal Wankers

Absolute zero hype

Talk too much or no talk at all… Sproloquio!

Today, we’re out with a record that maybe you won’t like.
For fans of Leatherface, Dillinger Four, Guns’n’Wankers.

Zero hype.



Take part in the noise: release Igioia / Jonestown Kids split LP!

We’re about to release a powerviolence-like stuff split LP between
Igioia https://igioia.bandcamp.com/
Jonestown Kids https://jonestownkids.bandcamp.com/album/split
(the noise you hear on these bandcamps are the same that will be cut on vinyl)

We’re looking for diy labels over the world that want to help release this.
if you’re brave enough, write to [email protected]

many thanks to Jacopo Manelli for the sick graphics.

play instinctively or die!