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Gufonero / Sovereign ready to go!

Hey hey! We got some new vinyls for you!
AR027: Gufonero / Sovereign split 7″

Heavy music for hardship people

[email protected]

Take part in the noise: release Igioia / Jonestown Kids split LP!

We’re about to release a powerviolence-like stuff split LP between
Jonestown Kids
(the noise you hear on these bandcamps are the same that will be cut on vinyl)

We’re looking for diy labels over the world that want to help release this.
if you’re brave enough, write to [email protected]

many thanks to Jacopo Manelli for the sick graphics.

play instinctively or die!

Thee Loyal Wankers – Swamp! EP

If you like lo-fi punk stuff, you will like this shit!

5€, just for the dirtiest.

annoyingrecords at. gmail dot. com

Gli Altri and Monsieur Gustavo Biscotti are between us!

Take a listen, we put out 2 kickass records!

Gli Altri, savona’s finest post-hardcore/screamo with this great album! Check it, like it.


Monsieur Gustavo Biscotti, 5 great guys that play our favourite music. This record is pure gold!


As usually, 10€ each, obviously on LP!
[email protected]

Gufonero and Ornitorrincos/Montana are OUT!

Some great news! The best punk split of the year, Montana vs. Ornitorrincos is out! And the first 7″ from the new heavy punk combo Gufonero too!

10€ first, 5€ second, trades welcome, go!



Ornitorrincos goes Montana

Prepare yourself, it’s coming a blaaaaasting split between two of the best punk rock band around: Montana (italy) and Ornitorrincos (brazil)

Check them on their bandcamp:

Here’s the fabulous cover:


Info and preorder (ahah): [email protected]

Thee Loyal Wankers

È un gruppo marchetta.
Hanno già 2 uscite.
Sono in 3.
Suonano 4 note.

Thee Loyal Wankers, da Rovereto.



Cdr 2€
Split Tape w/ Meteopathics 3€

Altrimenti ve lo ascoltate e scaricate dall’internet:

info e quello che volete: [email protected]


È un po’ che non mettevamo gli arrivi in distro, ma qui ci tengo specialmente perché ci sono i NOFU, che è un gruppo che rispetto e adoro (ciao Emanuele, so che ci leggi spesso! 🙂 ).

Ricordatevi che teniamo un sacco di roba anche meno panc qui: (scriveteci alla mail che risparmiamo le fees di discogs!)

NOFU – Mito Ciclicità single sided LP

Viva Belgrado – Flores, carne LP

Osoluna – s/t LP

Pastel – L’acchiappanuvole CD

i prezzi li fate voi!

[email protected]



Another day, another release!


Nice uh? Try to listen it (on your turntable): write to [email protected]

We’re in!